Honours Program

Frequently Asked Questions

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1.Who can apply to the Süleymaniye Program?

  • Undergraduate students enrolled at Ibn Haldun University, who have completed their English prep courses and who are either continuing their Arabic prep courses or have started their undergraduate degree program, can apply.

2.Students of which departments can apply to the Süleymaniye Program?

  • Students from all the academic departments of Ibn Haldun University can apply.

3.Are graduate students accepted to the Program?

  • No. Only undergraduate students are accepted to the Program. If there is enough demand, another program designed for graduate students will be opened.

4.How long is the Süleymaniye Program?

  • The Program lasts 4 years. (Note: Classes continue for a certain period in the summer semester as well.)

5. What is the language of instruction in the Süleymaniye Program?

  • The seminars will be conducted in Turkish. Seminars in classical Islamic disciplines in English are in the planning stage.

6. On what days are the seminars held?

  • The Süleymaniye Program takes place on two weekday evenings and all day on Saturday.

7. How many semesters are there in one year?

  • The Program consists of three academic semesters each year: fall, spring, and summer.

8. What are the extra benefits of the Süleymaniye Program?

  1. Education camps abroad
  2. Scholarship opportunities
  3. Membership to the Ibn Haldun Honorary Society after graduation
  4. Opportunities to meet leading scholars and maintain constant contact

9. Where are the Süleymaniye Program seminars going to be held?

  • On weekdays, the seminars are held in the Başakşehir Campus of Ibn Haldun University. On weekends, they take place in the Süleymaniye Madrasa Complex.

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