Honours Program

About Us

The Honors Program at Ibn Haldun University is a privileged unit, alongside the regular curriculum, designed and run on the basis long-term programs and periodic projects so that successful BA students and MA researchers can attain further academic and social improvement. It operates through Seminars, Workshops, Guidance and Consultancy Services, and Social Responsibility Projects.


  • Classical Sciences Seminars;
  • Social Sciences Seminars;
  • Language Seminars;
  • Personal Development Seminars.


  • Multidisciplinary Science Workshops;
  • Art and Music Workshops;
  • Classical Readings.

Guidance and Consultancy Services

  • Academic counseling individually and in groups.
  • Getting in contact with people of knowledge, culture and art inside and outside the university easily.
  • Sincere guidance based on the principle of fraternity and solidarity.

Social Responsibility Projects


  • Contributing to the solution of social problems and gathering experience directly through participating in the field.
  • Participation in periodical projects to be carried out in consultation with advisers, preparation of papers and reports to enlighten the public.
  • Sports, culture and art activities.
  • City and civilization tours.
  • Meetings with scholars of science and culture.
  • Sports activities and tournaments.
  • Knowledge contests.

What does the Honors Program give to its participants?

Gaining presentation experience at symposiums, panels and workshops. Gaining a broad perspective through learning and producing with
students from different faculties and departments. Graduation with an Ibn Haldun University Honors Program certificate in addition to their regular diploma. Being a member of the Ibn Haldun Honors Society after graduation.

Why does the Ibn Haldun University Honors Program attach such importance to the classical sciences?

Ibn Haldun University is a humanities and social sciences university that emphasizes reading and comprehending the tradition, applying it on a daily basis as well as carrying it into the future. That entails knowing the language, the content and the perception of science in classical
works. To understand the works of scholars like Ibn Haldun, to be able to solve the problems of today, and to give direction to the future will only be possible by learning the classical sciences. To fulfil this purpose, the Ibn Haldun University Honors Program underlines the understanding of classical sciences in a planned unity and classical manner, and rests on a foundation of Ottoman practice.

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